Follow me, Follow you

Actually, I just realized, how much time of my day is spent on social media. And in that I not only mean Facebook and of course checking my friends birthday, but I’m (as for sure most of you guys are also) affected by all the channels from Instagram on to Snapchat, including Blogs or Magazine Websites.

Pro in it is that social media is really fast, you can get the news almost as if you were there. I prefer checking on trends, fashion shows or just simple day Looks / Outfits which can give me inspiration / ideas or a hint how to dress, what fits together, or just a visual satisfaction.

In the “Follow me, Follow you”series I collect my most favorite ones – the Top, whom I follow & check daily and truly feel they are great influencers, and can show us positive pictures of our world. One by one I’m going to show you my Favs from Instagram, Blogs, Websites and Snapchat.

1. Instagram

  • @songofstyle – Aimee Song is an incredible young talent, who is not only a great fashion icon, but a truly funny person who I can tell enjoys life and has really a nice & likeable personality. I found her Blog many years ago, following her in every media channel, and think she has a gorgeous style. Can just advice her!
  • @oliviapalermo – The Icon. My Icon. Everything she does is just perfect. She is one of the truly ‘born to fashion’ people in the world. She also has a great and calm personality with a hint of Audrey Heprburn / Lady-like style and mixes every piece perfectly. Love her in every picture.
  • @ninasuess – When in Germany, I would recommend her. Have a clear vision and a great style, also bringing some fun to our day, and great Snapchat videos, keeps you up-to-date from the first row.
  • @ngoldenberg – also one huge icon of me. She has a sense which is not so common in Europe and I just love the Outfits – sometimes mixed from the craziest clothes, but suits perfect for her. She is also incredible as a young mother having a gorgeous style Well done!
  • @anna_dello_russo – Because she posts thousands of news every day. She keeps you really updated – in Fashion, in the first Row, in every Event. Big Boss.
  • @instylegermany – They have a great visual taste, even if it’s just a workplace inspiration, a smoothie or the next magazine cover. Would love to work there!


+ @ilovegolden_retrievers – because my most loved ones are the dogs! I enjoy hearting every picture & video of them, they are the cutest and sweetest creatures of all!


Hope you liked this post, and will get inspirations from them 🙂

If you would like to follow my site on Instagram, check @annabnaana out!

Have a great week,




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