3 letters: AMD

AMD a.k.a Akademie Mode & Design

I’m sure, everyone who is interested in fashion would like to have a profound knowledge in terms of history & design. I also wanted to deepen my thoughts in this field, because as I see here, in Germany they are really looking forward to a great education history when it comes to hiring.

This week I was attending to an Open Day in Munich, at AMD. I was really keen on getting to know this Academy, because in the past months I have seen it everywhere. By this, I mean half of those people in Linkedin who have great jobs in the fashion industry – when I scrolled down on their profile, it was written: AMD

So I decided to dig a bit deeper, what kind of courses / possibilities are offered from this popular school in the field of FASHION.

  1. First, you have to go on their website (http://www.amdnet.de), and see, when the next appointment takes place in your city. They are offering education in 4 cities in Germany – Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich & Berlin. I find it quite interesting, that not only an open day is possible, but you can also attend to a real school day, so you can be one of the students for a day to see, how their day looks like.
  2. I’ve picked the open day in Munich, which takes place almost every month, so don’t be scared, you always have time to attend in the whole year.
  3. I had to give my e-mail address, and swish – here came the confirmation E-mail of the open day, and also written, that they will send all the course materials. It was a great gesture of them, I received a nice envelop full with course materials I was interested in, the scholarship programs, etc. in the next 2 days – so it was fast also. Haha, germans organize well.                                                                                        Screen shot 2015-10-25 at 12.13.54 PM
  4. The open day: Tip – go on google maps to find the school easily. I’m not bad at getting around in Munich / other places, but it took me a while till I really found the school building. It is on a street where you can’t find any street names on the corners, there are a lot of University buildings as well, and no big logos of AMD. It is in a big territory, so prepare to have time for the arrival. I finally made it, and found the building in an inner courtyard, woohoo!
  5. When I stepped in around 18:53 there were already a lot of people in the room, and they’ve started it. 5 minutes earlier than the actual start 19:00. I don’t find it too good to start earlier, because almost half of the attendees were coming late, so you couldn’t really concentrate on the presentation. But otherwise it was only a 20-25 minutes, so really quick overview of the course palette, than you had the chance to visit the performers separately, and to ask questions about their course.
  6. What I find really good, is that 1-2 students presented each courses they are attending to. That makes the course more “life-like” to hear it from an insider point of view. They were kind, it seemed, they are enjoying their life at AMD, and getting a lot of possibilities to show their skills when it comes to work.
  7. On the other hand I would suggest them to make the course presentations somehow more reachable because if you have interest in more courses, you can’t make it on only one open day 😦
  8. All in all it was good to have a quick overview about the school, the courses & the students, and I’m looking forward to visit an actual day in school before I attend to Fashion Styling from April.

Hope I could give you some tips!

All the information about the programs, school life, etc you can find under their webpage (http://www.amdnet.de) & on their Infotag-Open Day.

Viel Spaß,



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