As of September the Fashion world begins it’s marathon. All the famous Fashion Weeks (NY, Paris, London, Mailand) are beginning from this month, and there’s no stop till Christmas. This means a lot – you get to know all of the spring/summer looks of 2016, all of the fashion articles will appear on your facebook site so you will be updated with everything, BUT you can collect great outlook tips form designers, bloggers & celebrities!

I’ve just collected my Top5 Look of the New York Fashion Week from Designers. Let’s have a look:


Proenza Schouler

Black & White & Red is always a great mixture. In these creations you can be elegant, classy, and a sparkling polka-dot Lady through the day. I would love these sets during spring time.

_mon0021_fashionshow_article_portrait _mon0211_fashionshow_article_portrait _mon0263_fashionshow_article_portraitsource:vogue.de

Marc Jacobs

His show must have been amazing in real life. It was held in a movie theater, you could get popcorns and water wirth his monograms, sooo stylish! He had some creations, which are a bit extravagant as for myself, I prefer the simple Looks. But you can combine the very well:

_a2x0155_fashionshow_article_portrait _a2x0219_fashionshow_article_portrait  _a2x0427_fashionshow_article_portraitsource:vogue.de

Michael Kors

Flowerpower in the palette of white, beige blue and black was also a good idea of the designer. I love every creation for the spring.

_kor0225_fashionshow_article_portrait _kor0387_fashionshow_article_portrait _kor0545_fashionshow_article_portrait


Diane von Furstenberg

Wunderschön. Amourös. The catwalk was filled with elegant, comfy and super-female dresses. Wow!

dvf_ss16_look02_fashionshow_article_portrait dvf_ss16_look09_fashionshow_article_portrait dvf_ss16_look35_fashionshow_article_portrait


3.1 Phillip Lim

Because I’m in love with olive. Beautiful patterns, great Looks.

_phi0045_fashionshow_article_portrait _phi0097_fashionshow_article_portrait _phi0122_fashionshow_article_portrait


FYI: These post will be followed with: “Top5 Look of the New York Fashion Week, from Bloggers”, stay tuned 🙂



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